Swift River Covered Bridge

GPS: 43.984828 -71.119419 CONWAY If you live in New England, you probably already know that Conway serves as a gateway to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. From summer through autumn, this town of 10,000 residents experiences a huge influx of visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy the mountains. In 1765, […]

Lupines at Sugar Hill

GPS: 44.216371 -71.784119 SUGAR HILL Sugar Hill is a small town with a population of under 600 year-round residents. It’s located high up in Grafton County, overlooking the White Mountain National Forest, with memorable views of several mountain ranges. Its name comes from the large groves of sugar maples in the area. The town became […]

Saco River

GPS: 43.982794 -71.116387 CONWAY Capturing fall foliage reflections is a type of autumn photography I enjoy and strive to repeat every year. Under the right conditions, it can yield impressionist and abstract images that emphasize color over form. A great location for catching fall foliage reflections is on the Saco River in Conway, New Hampshire. […]

Flume Covered Bridge

GPS: 44.099258 -71.676944 THE FLUME The Flume Gorge is a popular tourist destination at Franconia Notch State Park, in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The gorge is a spectacular national chasm with a two-mile nature walk that includes views of covered bridges, waterfalls, and glacial pools — all in a beautiful […]

Crystal Lake

GPS: 43.914526 -71.073862 EATON Eaton is a small town located south of Conway, in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The bigger Conway Lake lies on its northern boundary, while smaller Crystal Lake sits in the center of town. The town was incorporated in 1766, with a population of 395 as of […]

Placey Farm

Red barn and farm reflecting in the Connecticut River

GPS: 44.098410 -72.050528 NEWBURY If Vermont is the land of pastoral scenes, then Newbury must be the quintessential town radiating a bounty of rural charm. Long ago, when the adjacent Connecticut River teemed with salmon, this place was a favorite of the Pennacook Tribe who had a village here called Cowass. But after the English […]

Stark Village

Christmas lights in Stark, New Hampshire

GPS: 44.600580 -71.407483 STARK VILLAGE Situated in northwest New Hampshire, the village of Stark features a little historic church and a famous covered bridge. The two frequently-photographed structures sit within striking distance of each other, on the Upper Ammonoosuc River. A few historical anecdotes about Stark are worth mentioning here. The village was originally incorporated […]

The Old Rake

Farm rake in Stark, New Hampshire

GPS: 44.605919 -71.436605 STARK VILLAGE Stark, New Hampshire, is best known for its white covered bridge and the adjacent Stark Union Church. The town was originally called Percy, but later renamed Stark in honor of Revolutionary War hero, General John Stark. An interesting historical anecdote is that Stark held the only POW camp in New […]


Autumn from the summit of Foss Mountain

GPS: 43.883112 -71.041851 Have you ever harbored a wish to hike a mountaintop without needing Olympic-style training? If so, Foss Mountain may be a good option to consider. Foss Mountain is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, near the town of Eaton. Hiking to the top of this 1647-foot beauty takes only 15 minutes […]

Aqua Trio

Waterfall in White Mountains of New Hampshire

GPS: 44.071414 -71.170811 As one of the attractions in the popular White Mountains of New Hampshire, Diana’s Baths in Bartlett is a frequent destination for summer tourists. In July and August, you may find entire families wading in the shallow pools that surround the falls. History tells us that a series of ledges originating from […]

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