Warren Falls

GPS: 44.093948 -72.863923 TOWN OF WARREN Warren is a small town in Washington County, Vermont. It sits between the two ranges of the Green Mountains, with 25% of the town sitting inside the Green Mountain National Forest. Vermont has a large number of well-preserved covered bridges, and the Warren Covered Bridge built in 1879 is […]

Tucker Brook

GPS: 42.826741 -71.708864 MILFORD Milford is a town (population around 15,000) in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. It sits on the Souhegan River in the southern part of the State. The town is nicknamed “The Granite Town” because it was once home to many granite quarries. Among its numerous contributions to architecture, the Milford quarries supplied […]

Aqua Trio

Waterfall in White Mountains of New Hampshire

GPS: 44.071414 -71.170811 As one of the attractions in the popular White Mountains of New Hampshire, Diana’s Baths in Bartlett is a frequent destination for summer tourists. In July and August, you may find entire families wading in the shallow pools that surround the falls. History tells us that a series of ledges originating from […]

Green Pool

GPS: 43.992810 -71.396372 There are little gems hidden throughout the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was fellow photographer Adam Woodworth who first took me to this charming spot at Sabbaday Falls in Waterville Valley. This wide-angle image was made just after sunset on a September evening. The lack of direct sunlight helped to avoid […]

Finger in the Gorge

GPS: 41.954925 -72.878622 One of the gems of Connecticut is Enders Falls, a series of five waterfalls on the West Branch of Salmon Brook. Within a quarter mile span, you can photograph gorges, cascades, plunges, horsetails, and slides. By popular opinion, these small waterfalls are among the best and most photogenic in Connecticut. The image […]

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