Rowboat on Salt Pond

GPS: 41.834936 -69.973278 SALT POND Salt Pond is located in Eastham, Massachusetts. It’s actually a “kettle pond”, which means a depression in the earth created when the glaciers of the last ice age receded some 18,000 years ago. It was originally a freshwater pond, but over time, the ocean broke through the barrier, turning it […]

Autumn at Bell’s Neck

Color at marsh on Cape Cod

GPS: 41.680301 -70.111653 CAPE COD MARSHES Foliage on Cape Cod? You bet. In autumn, the Cape offers up much more than just sandy beaches. And a lot of the action happens around marshes. In the years of settlers, the forests on the Cape were cleared to near extinction — Henry David Thoreau wrote about it […]

Moon over Wood End

Full moon rising over Wood End Light

GPS: 42.021218 -70.193485 WOOD END LIGHTHOUSE Wood End Lighthouse sits on the elbow of the sandbar surrounding Provincetown Harbor in Massachusetts. The little lighthouse is secluded from the crowds, its primary access involving a walk across a fairly long and strenuous breakwater. Given its outlying location, there are no obstructions to disrupt its photogenic charm. […]

Sachuest Rocks

Sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean in Middletown, Rhode Island

GPS: 41.472362 -71.247273 Sachuest Point is a peninsula lying between the Sakonnet River and the Rhode Island Sound. Once a horse racing area and later a Naval Communications site, Sachuest Point is now a National Wildlife Refuge hosting some 200 bird species. While most visitors come to Sachuest Point for birdwatching reasons, I visit the […]

Under the Boardwalk

Colorful sky over the Sandwich Boardwalk

GPS: 41.764566 -70.485545 Cape Cod has a lot of wooden boardwalks. Why? Because the area is full of marshes and a boardwalk affords scenic access to the other side. But these are not the commercialized types you would find in Atlantic City, Coney Island, or Myrtle Beach. Rather, this is the cozy variety designed for […]

Boathouse Reflection

GPS: 41.833936 -69.968890 I love a good reflection — it more than doubles the appeal of a scene. And I also love to photograph on Cape Cod during the off-season when the tourists have gone home. This image was made at Salt Pond in Eastham, Massachusetts, on a cold December morn. The pond is a […]

Pink Marsh

GPS: 41.818624 -69.959440 Cape Cod has many salt marshes. Centuries ago, these grasslands witnessed grazing cattle and salt production. Although the marshes have since receded, those that remain can make darn good photographic subjects. I travel to Cape Cod regularly for photography. One of the marshes I visit frequently is Nauset Marsh in Eastham, Massachusetts. […]

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