Boathouse Reflection

GPS: 41.833936 -69.968890 I love a good reflection — it more than doubles the appeal of a scene. And I also love to photograph on Cape Cod during the off-season when the tourists have gone home. This image was made at Salt Pond in Eastham, Massachusetts, on a cold December morn. The pond is a […]

Kidney Pool

GPS: 43.067834 -70.693611 The land comprising Fort Foster Park in Kittery, Maine, was acquired by the military for coastal protection in 1872. But today, the public park is accessible to all. This is a great location for sunset. Sinuous sand patterns grace the foreground at low tide (as in this image), and shapely rocks adorn […]

Pointer to the Sun

GPS: 43.046665 -70.716567 Many people associate New Hampshire with the White Mountains up north, and casually dismiss its eighteen miles of coastline to the east. While it is undeniably short, there are still good photos to be made along the coast of New Hampshire. Odiorne Point State Park (named for original settler, John Odiorne) is […]

Vermont Classic

GPS: 44.327802 -72.174978 I grew up on a dairy farm in a small town, so pastoral settings tend to invoke nostalgia. And nowhere in Vermont is there a better place than Peacham to witness a classic village scene that conjures up memories from the past. This hillside town is stereotypical, with white-steepled church, picturesque red […]

Stone Sentinel

GPS: 41.462233 -71.362769 Small lighthouses can pack a mean punch. Castle Hill Light located in Newport, Rhode Island, is a case in point. Although under 40 feet high, its location on the cliffs overlooking the East Passage into Narragansett Bay awards it star power. This white granite lighthouse with the red fresnel has been keeping […]

Boston Gold

GPS: 42.354772 -71.047230 Cityscapes can be fun to photograph. Since I live within commuting distance of Boston, I go into the city periodically to photograph the skyline in lights. So far, my favorite vantage point of Boston is from Harbor Walk near the Federal Courthouse, pointing at Rowe’s Wharf on the other side of the […]

Fog Triangle

GPS: 43.365378 -70.431759 Harbors are hard to photograph well. Most are loaded with man-made clutter, making it difficult to find and isolate compelling subjects. As a rule, I skip shooting harbors unless the weather forecast calls for intriguing conditions. Sea fog is one of those intriguing conditions. It hides much of the clutter and adds […]

Finger in the Gorge

GPS: 41.954925 -72.878622 One of the gems of Connecticut is Enders Falls, a series of five waterfalls on the West Branch of Salmon Brook. Within a quarter mile span, you can photograph gorges, cascades, plunges, horsetails, and slides. By popular opinion, these small waterfalls are among the best and most photogenic in Connecticut. The image […]

Rock Equality

GPS: 41.151402 -71.555265 Block Island. In the summer, the island is full of bathing suit-clad tourists on bicycles. The beaches are free, enticing entire families to ferry across for a little sun and fun. But come here off-season, and you’ll have the place to yourself. The island boasts two historic lighthouses, 17 miles of pristine […]

Light Eruption

GPS: 43.057071 -70.711974 Moody weather can make photographers happy. I love it when the sky opens up to spew unexpected light on a scene. Dramatic clouds tend to intensify the emotional appeal of an image, painting the sky in layers and splashes of color. I left my house in the wee hours to photograph sunrise […]

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