Vermont Classic

GPS: 44.327802 -72.174978 I grew up on a dairy farm in a small town, so pastoral settings tend to invoke nostalgia. And nowhere in Vermont is there a better place than Peacham to witness a classic village scene that conjures up memories from the past. This hillside town is stereotypical, with white-steepled church, picturesque red […]

Point the Way

GPS: 44.295681 -72.307900 Groton State Forest in Vermont is an addictive destination. The forest includes a number of beautiful ponds and mountain vistas, ideal for photography. The area is photogenic year-round, but I most enjoy it in autumn and winter. I return to Kettle Pond time and time again. The pond runs east to west, […]

Bridge on a Hill

GPS: 44.423027 -72.267254 New England is full of covered bridges. But all too often, these historic structures are burdened with ugly telephone poles and utility cables. Consequently, few of the remaining bridges are photogenic. But the A.M. Foster Bridge in Cabot, Vermont, is a rare exception. The little bridge is a replica of the Martin […]

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