Stark Village

Christmas lights in Stark, New Hampshire

GPS: 44.600580 -71.407483 STARK VILLAGE Situated in northwest New Hampshire, the village of Stark features a little historic church and a famous covered bridge. The two frequently-photographed structures sit within striking distance of each other, on the Upper Ammonoosuc River. A few historical anecdotes about Stark are worth mentioning here. The village was originally incorporated […]

The Old Rake

Farm rake in Stark, New Hampshire

GPS: 44.605919 -71.436605 STARK VILLAGE Stark, New Hampshire, is best known for its white covered bridge and the adjacent Stark Union Church. The town was originally called Percy, but later renamed Stark in honor of Revolutionary War hero, General John Stark. An interesting historical anecdote is that Stark held the only POW camp in New […]


Autumn from the summit of Foss Mountain

GPS: 43.883112 -71.041851 Have you ever harbored a wish to hike a mountaintop without needing Olympic-style training? If so, Foss Mountain may be a good option to consider. Foss Mountain is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, near the town of Eaton. Hiking to the top of this 1647-foot beauty takes only 15 minutes […]

Aqua Trio

Waterfall in White Mountains of New Hampshire

GPS: 44.071414 -71.170811 As one of the attractions in the popular White Mountains of New Hampshire, Diana’s Baths in Bartlett is a frequent destination for summer tourists. In July and August, you may find entire families wading in the shallow pools that surround the falls. History tells us that a series of ledges originating from […]

Green Pool

GPS: 43.992810 -71.396372 There are little gems hidden throughout the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was fellow photographer Adam Woodworth who first took me to this charming spot at Sabbaday Falls in Waterville Valley. This wide-angle image was made just after sunset on a September evening. The lack of direct sunlight helped to avoid […]

Pointer to the Sun

GPS: 43.046665 -70.716567 Many people associate New Hampshire with the White Mountains up north, and casually dismiss its eighteen miles of coastline to the east. While it is undeniably short, there are still good photos to be made along the coast of New Hampshire. Odiorne Point State Park (named for original settler, John Odiorne) is […]

Light Eruption

GPS: 43.057071 -70.711974 Moody weather can make photographers happy. I love it when the sky opens up to spew unexpected light on a scene. Dramatic clouds tend to intensify the emotional appeal of an image, painting the sky in layers and splashes of color. I left my house in the wee hours to photograph sunrise […]

Tree on Fire

GPS: 43.063639 -70.712624 Spanning a mere eighteen miles, New Hampshire has the smallest coastline of any coastal state in the United States. Its coastline may be tiny compared to its Maine neighbor, but the New Hampshire seacoast is no less photogenic. This image was made at Great Island Common in New Castle, New Hampshire, on […]

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