Crystal Lake

GPS: 43.914526 -71.073862


Eaton is a small town located south of Conway, in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The bigger Conway Lake lies on its northern boundary, while smaller Crystal Lake sits in the center of town.

The town was incorporated in 1766, with a population of 395 as of the 2010 census. This is a highly picturesque New England village, complete with a white steeple church that casts its reflection in the lake on calm morns.


Crystal Lake is a small body of water in the center of Eaton with the Town Beach on its north side. The Little White Church (that’s really it’s name) sits on the southern end of the lake, creating a stereotypical New England scene just begging for photographers.

In autumn, morning fog is common here, adding to the photogenic appeal of this place. And lake grasses are also typical, as if to further increase the innate charm of the scene.

Crystal Lake on an autumn morn
Crystal Lake on an autumn morn


The best time to photograph is in autumn, when fall foliage season adds colorful hues to the trees on the lakeshore. Early morning is best, as fog is more likely at that time and the lake is more prone to be calm. Light fog on windless mornings are ideal conditions for a mirror reflection on the surface of Crystal Lake — one that includes The Little White Church and the vibrant colors of autumn leaves.

The Little White Church reflected in Crystal Lake
The Little White Church reflected in Crystal Lake


Getting to Crystal Lake is easy as it involves driving on main roads. From Main Street in Conway (NH-16), head south on Eaton Road (NH-153) for 5.7 miles. You can’t miss Crystal Lake as the road takes a sharp left and right turn at the Town Beach. Park in the Town Beach lot and start looking for a composition along the shores.


There’s not much to be wary about here, except possibly getting your feet wet in Crystal Lake. Bring boots as it may expand your composition choices along the northern end of the lake. Enjoy the view!

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  1. Best photographer EVER! Michael, you have extraordinary skills to capture beautiful scenery! Your willingness to travel all around the world, rise early, stay up late, climb high, scale rocks in order to for us to view magnificent photos is unbelievably amazing. I am in awe of your brilliance! Thank you for your generosity to share your breathtaking photos with all.

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