Black Point

Black Point, Narragansett, Rhode Island

GPS: 41.398127 -71.462493


The town of Narragansett is located 30 miles south of Providence and 15 miles from its famous neighbor of Newport. With several large beaches in its midst, Narragansett has remained a popular resort town since the 19th century. In summer, the town grows to twice its year-long population.


The coastline along Narragansett looks more like Maine than Rhode Island, with layers of shapely and colorful rocks at every turn. A former Narragansett Indian path, Black Point offers a close-up view of the Atlantic, distant views of the Point Judith Lighthouse, and mysterious stone ruins — all along its 1.5 mile hiking trail.

If you enjoy seascapes, Black Point affords great views of the rocky coastline along Narragansett Bay. Sculpted rocks and tidal pools are abundant as foreground subjects along the serene path.


Black Point faces east on the Atlantic, and so is best photographed at sunrise. However, I have also photographed here at sunset, as evidenced by the accompanying image.

The coast is less affected by seasonal change, so you can come¬†here at any time of year, although I skip the tourist months of summer to avoid large crowds. I’ve even¬†photographed the night sky from this area.


Black Point spans between Scarborough State Beach and a designated parking area about a half mile north. From Scarborough State Beach, drive half a mile north on Ocean Road to reach a gravel parking area on your right. Park here and follow the marked trail that heads back south toward the beach.


As with any coastal photography, watch out for rogue waves at all times, especially near high tide. Also, avoid walking on rocks close to the tideline as these tend to get extremely slippery.

2 thoughts on “Black Point”

  1. The rose tones in this composition are unusual to my eye because they incorporate the rocks as well as earth and water. A lovely composition. Thank you for the bit of history and the mention of Black Point. We are fortunate to have sister with a second home on Point Judith–so will find my photo opportunity along the Black Point path thanks to your mention!

  2. Michael, we have camped in Point Judith, RI for about 12 years and travel to most of the area and have been here as well but never have seen it through the eye of the camera as you have shown. It’s great and beautiful. Of course now we are in Florida but go back to MA. Next time we go through there we will make sure to check this beautiful spot. Thanks

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