Marlow Village

Winter sunset from the lily pond in Marlow

GPS: 43.116575 -72.199058


The village of Marlow lies within the vaguely-defined Monadnock Region of southwest New Hampshire, an area encompassing the counties of Cheshire and Hillsborough. The region is so named after Mount Monadnock, the dominant geographic landmark that rises up 3165 feet.


Marlow is a small agricultural community on the northern border of Cheshire County. The village still resembles a Yankee rural town of old. The village center includes a pretty church with a white-washed steeple, a historic Odd Fellows Hall, and an old Town Hall.

Marlow was first granted in 1753 as Addison, and later re-granted as Marlow in 1861 based on its namesake in distant England, according to historical documents.


The main attraction in Marlow is the village center itself. The historic buildings are often photographed from across the lily pond that lies along Route 10 and faces the center.

The best times of year to photograph the village are in autumn when the trees exhibit peak color, and in winter when the ground is covered with a fresh blanket of snow. If you come during the Christmas Season, you will also be rewarded with seasonal lights and candles in the windows.

The village is photogenic both at sunrise and sunset. The face of the buildings are lit at sunrise and backlit at sunset. On a calm autumn day, you may even capture a clear reflection in the lily pond.


The village of Marlow is located along Route 10, approximately 46 miles west of Concord, and some 25 miles north of Peterborough. The village center lies at the intersection of Route 10 and Church Street.


Not much danger lurks in Marlow, except for moving traffic on Route 10, the main thoroughfare in town.

3 thoughts on “Marlow Village”

  1. My sisters and I have very fond memories of Marlow since our Grandpa lived there all his 90+ years. We spent many times there with him and an Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Brings back our childhood days as I see these photos. We lived in Marlborough and would travel there in the back of an open truck all year long to visit with our family in Marlow. Beautiful photography!!

  2. I have lived here over 40 years and am repeatedly blessed by the beauty around me. Our house is behind/next to the church and if often in photos taken. Beautiful photo.

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