The Old Rake

Farm rake in Stark, New Hampshire

GPS: 44.605919 -71.436605


Stark, New Hampshire, is best known for its white covered bridge and the adjacent Stark Union Church. The town was originally called Percy, but later renamed Stark in honor of Revolutionary War hero, General John Stark.

An interesting historical anecdote is that Stark held the only POW camp in New Hampshire. In 1944, Camp Stark held some 250 German POWs who performed hard labor supplying wood to the Berlin paper mills.


I know nothing about Bell Farm, except that they were kind enough to place an old farm rake on the road that connects Groveton and Stark. The rake wears a pleasant coat of green that contrasts nicely with the rusty hues covering its metal parts.


The best time of year to photograph this scene is October, preferably during peak foliage. The background patch of colorful trees, combined with a textured sky, seems to bring the antique rake back to life.

The best time of day to photograph here is early morning or late afternoon, when the rake and background foliage are side-lit.


The old rake is located on the north side of NH-110, which the roadmaps also label the Berlin-Groveton Highway or the Stark Highway.

From Groveton, travel 5 miles east on NH-110 until you see Lunn Road on your left. The rake sits near the intersection of NH-110 and Lunn Road, about 2 miles west of the Stark covered bridge and Union Church.


Traffic on NH-110 tends to be light at the edges of day, but vehicles still cruise this highway at rapid speeds. So, I suggest pulling off the main road and parking your vehicle on the side of Lunn Road.

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