Maple Canopy

A canopy of maple trees in autumn

GPS: 43.407526 -72.822060


Belmont is an unincorporated village in Rutland County, southern Vermont. The village is actually part of the town of Mount Holly.

Belmont is a stereotypical Vermont village complete with rustic charm and a General Store that takes center stage just like the “good old days”.


Pristine rows of maple trees are not easy to find even in New England, but Maple Hill Road is as good as it gets. Abundant maple trees line the pleasant country lane on both sides, with curves in the gravel road leading the eye past the tree line.

Be warned that standing under this maple canopy in October risks stirring nostalgic sentiments for country living gone dormant!


This is clearly an autumn destination — the color on the maple trees is what makes this place special. So, check foliage conditions before deciding on the best day to visit.

It’s best to photograph here early in the day, late in the day, or on an overcast day. The middle of a sunny day will be too contrasty for good color photography.


To reach Belmont from I-91, take exit 8 and head west on VT-131 for sixteen miles. Then turn north on VT-103 for twelve miles, until you reach Belmont Road. Take Belmont Road into town and continue past the General Store, heading south on Maple Hill Road. The row of maple trees starts a half-mile or so from town.


There are farms as well as private residences all along Maple Hill Road, so be sure to respect the usual privacy and no-trespassing laws.

The better vantage points to photograph the maple canopy will inevitably require you to stand on the gravel road. Since this is an active roadway, be prepared to remove your tripod often to accommodate the two-way traffic. And on dry days, be sure to protect your camera gear from the dust kicked up by passing vehicles.

While in town, be sure to stop by the Country Store for a trip down memory lane!

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