Autumn from the summit of Foss Mountain

GPS: 43.883112 -71.041851

Have you ever harbored a wish to hike a mountaintop without needing Olympic-style training? If so, Foss Mountain may be a good option to consider.

Foss Mountain is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, near the town of Eaton. Hiking to the top of this 1647-foot beauty takes only 15 minutes of your time, involving a mere 250-foot vertical climb over a total distance of 1/3 mile.

Both grandma and the kiddies can make this hike. The reward at the summit is a long open ridge with a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

You can photograph here at both sunrise and sunset, although I prefer the early morning light. There are plenty of glacial erratics and cairns on the summit to include in your composition too. And in October, the hills bathe in warm foliage colors.

To reach Foss Mountain from Conway, take Route 153 S (Eaton Road) for 4.8 miles, and turn left onto Brownfield Road. After a mile or so, turn right onto Stewart Road for another mile and finally take a right onto Foss Mountain Road. This is a dirt road with sharp bends, dips and hills. Most vehicles can make the climb but do drive carefully as the road is narrow with private homes along the way. Also, be aware that Foss Mountain Road is partially closed in winter, requiring a longer hike to the summit.

After driving some 2 miles on Foss Mountain Road, look for a small parking area on the left, opposite the marked trailhead. Follow the trail past the woods until it emerges into an open area and splits. Follow the right path to reach the north summit.

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