Hazard Rocks

Coastline in Narragansett, Rhode Island

GPS: 41.414761 -71.452725

The western shore of Narragansett Bay (Rhode Island) was purchased from the Narragansett Indians in the 17th century to be used for shipbuilding. But by the 20th century, Narragansett had turned into an elegant summer resort for wealthy families.

In spite of its transformation, one thing that hasn’t changed in all those years is the beauty of the rugged Narragansett coast. There are many photogenic places along the Bay, but one that stands out in my mind is the area at the end of Hazard Avenue.

Commonly referred to as Hazard Rocks, it would be entirely appropriate to heed this title as a danger warning, although it actually refers to a prominent family that once lived here. Regardless, rogue waves and slippery rocks are very dangerous partners along this treacherous coastline, having claimed many lives over the years.

To reach Hazard Rocks, drive south on Ocean Road from Narragansett and turn east onto Hazard Avenue. You’ll find several parking spaces at the end of the street. From there, walk carefully on the short and well-worn footpath down to the rocks.

The best time of day to photograph Hazard Rocks is at dawn and sunrise. I prefer to come here in March, April, August, or September — at that time of year, the sun rises over the most photogenic rocks and can be included in the composition. Lastly, I avoid high tide for safety reasons and to reduce the risk of damaging camera gear.

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