Nostalgic Mirror

GPS: 44.558727 -71.607413

The Old Guildhall Grist Mill is one of my New England favorites. This American classic holds the power to evoke a sense of nostalgia for days gone by.

This mill is very well preserved, sporting a colorful red water wheel and slide. In addition, its location is photo perfect, with a shapely stand of trees in the rear, a wooden fence running along the side, and a serene pond casting a mirror reflection in front.

The best time to come here is at sunrise or early morning when the sun is still low enough to illuminate the trees and mill facade while avoiding the harsh light of midday. The place is photogenic year-round, but autumn is ideal for color.

The Old Grist Mill is located on Granby Road, just off Route 102 in Guildhall, Vermont. Guildhall is in the northeastern portion of the State, within sniffing distance of the Connecticut River and the New Hampshire border near Whitefield.

Be aware that the mill sits on private property, so be sure to respect the fence boundary. Also, there are no easy parking spaces along Granby Road, so pull off onto the grassy shoulder as far as possible to avoid blocking two-way traffic.

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