Blue Light Special

GPS: 41.361975 -71.487184

Blue Hour: a brief span of time after sunset when the landscape is cast in hues of blue. This is one of my favorite times to photograph. Rarely do I leave the scene after sunset because the best part of the show often comes after the sun clears the horizon.

This image was made at Point Judith in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The brownstone lighthouse sits on the point, surrounded by rocky beaches. The white fresnel on this 1857 lighthouse never fails to deliver an impressive starburst at dusk. I waited for good surf action and a nice light reflection before pressing the shutter.

Point Judith is also a photogenic location at both sunrise and sunset.

The window for making blue-hour photographs is narrow. It usually begins 15 minutes after sunset, and lasts no more than 30 minutes. After that, darkness will quickly envelop the scene, diluting the blue cast and ambient light until only black remains.

Point Judith Light is best seen from Camp Cronin. Drive to the end of Ocean Road from Narragansett, heading toward Cape Judith. As you near the lighthouse, look for the dirt road on your right marked “Camp Cronin Fishing Area”. Drive to the dirt parking area and walk to the beach or jetty to choose a composition.

2 thoughts on “Blue Light Special”

  1. Cette photo est vraiment superbe qui inspire la tranquilité de la nuit! WOW TRÈS BELLE COULEUR!

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