Vermont Classic

GPS: 44.327802 -72.174978

I grew up on a dairy farm in a small town, so pastoral settings tend to invoke nostalgia. And nowhere in Vermont is there a better place than Peacham to witness a classic village scene that conjures up memories from the past.

This hillside town is stereotypical, with white-steepled church, picturesque red barn, and friendly people. It’s the kind of place where the one country store is closed for business on weekdays, except during tourist season.

Peacham is well visited in autumn, when the rolling hills are wearing their multi-colored coat. But come here any other time, and you may be alone. Winter is also a great time to photograph here, especially after fresh snowfall.

This image was made an hour before sunset on a January afternoon. The nearby hills cast the barn and church in shadow long before sunset, so plan to be here one or two hours before to catch this pastoral scene in the best light.

To get here from the center of town, take Church Street off Bayley Hazen Road — it soon turns into Macks Mountain Road. Turn into the volunteer fire station on your right and park in the rear to avoid obstructing access. Walk out into the open field behind the firehouse and find the composition of your choice.

Speaking about classics, if you like Vermont, you may also want to consider How to Find the Photo-Scenics in Vermont by photographer Arnold J. Kaplan, APSA-AFIAP. Arnold was first to publish a list of scenic locations in Vermont.

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