Stone Sentinel

GPS: 41.462233 -71.362769

Small lighthouses can pack a mean punch. Castle Hill Light located in Newport, Rhode Island, is a case in point. Although under 40 feet high, its location on the cliffs overlooking the East Passage into Narragansett Bay awards it star power.

This white granite lighthouse with the red fresnel has been keeping watch over seafaring traffic in and out of Newport since 1890. I love this place, and have photographed it many times both at sunset and under the stars.

The little lighthouse is photogenic from both sides. At sunset, I usually start working the scene south of the lighthouse, and then move my position north after sunset to include the colorful sky — the angle chosen for this photo.

This 15-second exposure was made 30 minutes after sunset in November. Once the sun has set, you will likely stand alone in the midst of this old sentinel.

To reach Castle Hill Light from Newport, take Ocean Ave to Castle Hill Ave. Drive to the end of Castle Hill Ave until you reach Castle Hill Inn. Park your car at the far end of the lot, and walk the marked trail leading down to the lighthouse.

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