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GPS: 44.295681 -72.307900

Groton State Forest in Vermont is an addictive destination. The forest includes a number of beautiful ponds and mountain vistas, ideal for photography. The area is photogenic year-round, but I most enjoy it in autumn and winter.

I return to Kettle Pond time and time again. The pond runs east to west, so it’s a great destination at sunset and dusk. This is especially true with shapely clouds in the sky on a windless evening, when a calm reflection is cast in the pond.

This image was made on such an evening. After scouting the eastern edge of the pond, I came upon rocks and fallen branches to use as foreground. All pointed to the hills and clouds in the west, creating an imaginary leading line.

Kettle Pond is located off State Forest Road (Route 232), approximately 6.5 miles north of the Route 302 intersection in Groton.

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