Homage to the Sun

GPS: 43.242788 -70.588945

Good nature photography is possible even amidst civilization. This image is a case in point, taken on the popular Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine. The Marginal Way is a paved footpath on the coast that connects Perkins Cove to Ogunquit Beach.

The key to photographing in congested areas is to limit the viewpoint of the camera to bare essentials. For this image, I climbed down to shore level and set the camera low in a small rocky cove, where no sign of civilization is visible.

I enjoy serene and moody images, and this sunrise photo has both attributes. The pointed rock in right-foreground points the way to the textured sky, while the circular walls of the rocky cove form leading lines that pay homage to the rising sun. A shutter speed of 2.5 seconds was enough to capture a wave in motion.

To access Marginal Way, take Shore Road in Ogunquit to Perkins Cove. Park at Perkins Cove and follow the paved footpath that travels along the rocky cliffs.

2 thoughts on “Homage to the Sun”

  1. As a California photographer who now spends part of the year in Maine, your website is a gold mine. What, when and where are always the questions when shooting in somewhere unknown. Your willingness to give the details on your “spots” is priceless. I will be spending many hours digesting all the info you provide. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Terry. When I started in photography, I found it hard to figure out the best places to photograph. My blog is meant to ease that problem a tad.

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