Glacial Remnants

GPS: 41.610332 -70.651945

Although I was raised far from the coast, ocean scenes and bodies of water are among my all-time favorite subjects to photograph. I love the unpredictable moodiness of tides and the impact of long exposures on the water surface.

This image was made on Cape Cod, on a small peninsula bearing the name of Little Island in West Falmouth, Massachusetts. The beach here is littered with glacial erratics — boulders that were dropped from a glacier during the last ice age. These humbling, pre-historic remnants date back 10,000 to 22,000 years.

The photo was made at sunset, as the tide approached high point. The action of the waves washing around the boulders, combined with the movement of clouds, added texture to water and sky. The long exposure also captured silky lines in the water, which take the eye from the foreground to the horizon and beyond.

You can reach Little Island from Nashawena Street, which turns into Little Island Road in West Falmouth. A small parking area awaits at the end of the dirt road.

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