Tree on Fire

GPS: 43.063639 -70.712624

Spanning a mere eighteen miles, New Hampshire has the smallest coastline of any coastal state in the United States. Its coastline may be tiny compared to its Maine neighbor, but the New Hampshire seacoast is no less photogenic.

This image was made at Great Island Common in New Castle, New Hampshire, on a winter morn after a snowstorm. The snow had barely stopped falling when I embarked on the one-hour drive from my house to the coast. When I arrived, fresh snow hugged the earth and coastal rocks — an infrequent event at the ocean.

I had noticed this beautiful tree on several previous occasions, impressed by its orthogonal shape. It also faces east, which makes it a perfect foreground subject at sunrise. I waited until the sun was nestled in the crook of its branches, utilizing the snow-covered grasses as a line leading to the tree, and to the ocean scene that includes Whaleback Lighthouse in the distant background.

Great Island Common is accessible from Wentworth Road (Route 1B) in New Castle. The park is officially open from 9am to 9pm, although the gate is usually opened by New Castle Police prior to sunrise.

2 thoughts on “Tree on Fire”

  1. I Love this – just stunning – I also LOVE this tree and have it in several seasons, but this shot is just stellar and amazing!! Well done!!!

  2. I just visited that tree for the first time a month ago. This is such an incredibly beautiful picture of it! The lone maple tree.

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