Bridge on a Hill

GPS: 44.423027 -72.267254

New England is full of covered bridges. But all too often, these historic structures are burdened with ugly telephone poles and utility cables. Consequently, few of the remaining bridges are photogenic.

But the A.M. Foster Bridge in Cabot, Vermont, is a rare exception. The little bridge is a replica of the Martin Bridge in Marshfield. It sits high on a hill overlooking the Green Mountains, unencumbered by cables and houses. This is one of my favorite covered bridges, a pristine reminder of a bygone era.

This photo was made at sunrise on a frigid winter morn. I stood on snowshoes in the field facing the bridge, with my fingers and toes numb from the cold. Fresh powdery snow from the evening prior blanketed the field and bridge roof.

I waited with my camera mounted on the tripod until the sun lit the thin clouds and mountain peaks in hues of pink. The wooden fence in front of the bridge, contrasted against the white snow, serves as a circular leading line.

You can find the A.M. Foster Bridge off Cabot Plains Road in Cabot. If you decide to go, please be respectful of the fact that the bridge sits on private land.

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