Beauty of Europe Screensaver

DOWNLOAD trial version for Windows® 8 or later (Read...)

DOWNLOAD trial version for macOS® 10.9 or later (Read...)

✓ 60 stunning images from various European countries:

✈ France, Italy, Iceland, Norway, Scotland

✓ Soft background music whenever screen saver is active

✓ Caption on every image showing location information

✓ Option to adjust volume or mute background music

✓ Option to select monitor in a multi-display setup

✓ Option to show on-screen controls during slideshow

✓ Trial version includes limited photos with watermarks

✓ Unlock key opens all photos and removes watermarks

The watermarked photos shown below are those included in the TRIAL version of this screensaver. When you buy an unlock key, an additional 50 photos will become available and all watermarks will be removed.